Gravitron 2

HOW TO PLAY                                                                                                              HISCORES

Gravitron 2 is a retro styled arcade gravity shooter in which you must pilot your way through some of the most devious terrains ever devised.

40+ Stages packed full of enemies and traps.
3D Sound in a 2D enviroment.
Online HiScores (requires internet connection).
Configurable controls.
Stylized neon vector graphics.
Bucket load full of particle effects.
Dramatic musical scores.

Future expansion packs and updates (FREE)

Purchase now for only $5
Installer. (Windows)
Zip. (Linux*)

Try the demo here first:
DemoInstaller. (Windows)
DemoZip. (Linux*)

Patch available v1.8 (Versions above are allready updated)
See update log.

Version 1.8 now contains an extra map campaign bringing the total map count to around 60 maps. If you are allready running the latest version simply download and install the latest patch (v1.8)  and the campaign will appear on the main menu.

*Requires Wine.  
[Linux users] It was brought to my attention that in order to get the game to restart correctly you must:
1) Open a command line
2) cd to the Gravitron2 directory.
3) enter "wine Gravitron2.exe"
That should solve the issue of restarting the game.

Src code now available here.
Includes src for map and object editor.